Senior Kyle Butcher makes his commitment to Mott Community College

Senior Kyle Butcher makes his commitment to Mott Community College

Alyssa Sutterfield, Staff writer

   On Feb. 22, 2020, Senior Kyle Butcher made his commitment to Mott Community College to play baseball. 

   Butcher wanted to go the JUCO baseball route, which means that he will attend this school for at least two years to improve both athletically and academically. Butcher is hoping to make the most out of this opportunity and transfer to a four-year school. 

   Butcher stated, “I was planning on going with the JUCO route, but Mott is also a top-five community college baseball school, which is a really good thing.” 

   Though Butcher doesn’t know what he wants to go to school for exactly, he thinks he wants to go into business. 

   Butcher said, “I think I want to go into something involving business, but I haven’t made up my mind completely on what I want to do yet.”

   Butcher thinks Mott will be a good fit for him both athletically and academically for multiple reasons. 

   Butcher said, “Mott is really involved with their students and they try and do everything they can to make sure that you are passing your classes.”

   Senior, Andrew Dell, explained how happy he is for his friend for his commitment to this school. 

   Dell stated, “I am very happy for Kyle’s commitment and I think that Mott will be a great fit for him. He is a very talented player and the team at Mott will be very grateful to have him a part of their team.”

   Committing to a school is a very big achievement, so make sure that Butcher receives the congratulations that he deserves.