Matthew Fennel commits to Olivet


Kayla Bellow, Staff writer

  Committing to a college for academics or to play a sport is a decision that will affect your entire future. Recently, senior, Matthew Fennel made the choice to commit to Olivet College to play baseball in the fall.  

   Fennel stated, “It will be good to get out of town and into a new city. I like the small campus and the fact that it is in a small city.”

   Olivet College is located in Olivet, Michigan and is a private college. They have wonderful academic and athletic programs; but because they are a division III school, they do not give out any athletic scholarships. They do however, give out several academic scholarships to student athletes.

    Although Fennel committed to Olivet to play baseball, he received an academic scholarship of about $20,000 per year to help offset the cost of the $30,000 tuition. 

   Fennel has been playing baseball since he was little and has continued to play at a high school level. His fellow teammates, senior, Kyle Butcher; senior, Ryan Cantin; junior, Brendan Guicardo, had nothing but nice things to say about him. 

   Butcher stated, “Matt is a very supportive teammate and loves pushing his fellow teammates to be better and to work harder. I think he will be very successful in college because he is dedicated and a very hard worker.”

   Fennel is a very dedicated player and because he has been playing for most of his life, he knows what the game is all about.

   Guicardo said, “Matt will be very successful at Olivet because he’s going to put the work in to be better than everybody else. He’s been playing baseball for his whole life so it’s nothing new for him.”

   Cantin expressed, “He’s always working to improve himself and be the best possible player he can be. He is always in the gym, in the batting cages, or on the field trying to improve his skills. He knows how to work with other people and is always trying to not only better himself, but also better everyone around him.”

   Matthew Fennel is a diligent athlete and a very hard worker when it comes to academics. Although he made the tough decision of choosing to attend Olivet College, any college would be lucky to have him.