Lakeview tackles virtual schooling for the 2nd year


Julia Wyatt, Staff writer

   Lakeview took on the challenge of online schooling for the first time last school year. However, the 2018-2019 school year didn’t go as planned. There were some bumps in the road, which have thankfully been resolved this year. 

   “The virtual schooling option, that Lakeview has, offers all required classes and a variety of electives. These include classes like: nutrition, psychology, short stories, and Greek Mythology,” explained health teacher Amanda Decker. 

   There is no difference in the classes available through the online program and at the school. 

   Some troubles were identified last year that have been overseen and reviewed. Now, Lakeview is using a different system/company. 

   “The biggest change that we made from 18-19 to 19-20 was the change of the online provider that we use for our high school courses. We changed to a program called Lincoln Learning because we experienced much success with their courses and program,” stated Assistant Principal Jennifer Zaborowski. 

   This program is much easier to navigate through for the students and also provides up-to-date program monitoring for both students and parents.

   “Online school is not for everyone. Students think it will be an easier option, however it takes a lot of self-motivational discipline. You also don’t have a teacher in front of you to ask immediate direct questions,” continued Decker. 

   When students think of online school they think they can just do whatever they want whenever they want. Which in some cases can be true, but not all. You have to have discipline to actually go and do your work when you’re not forced to in a school environment, and not everyone can handle that. 

   “Although students are finding the courses engaging, interactive, and easy to navigate, some students acknowledge that they miss the social aspect of attending a regular high school building,”  noted Mrs. Zaborowski. 

  Students are continuing to do very well with these courses, but as expected, students miss their friends and attending school.