Getting to know the man, the myth, the legend: Mr. Kaspari


Allison Anastas, Staff writer

   Students at Lakeview all know Spanish teacher Jeffrey Kaspari, as he seems to talk to everyone.

   Kaspari has been teaching for 19 years and has been teaching at Lakeview for 17 years. Many of his students would say that he is their favorite teacher. 

   Kaspari loves teaching and is always looking for a way to make his students smile.

   “My favorite part of teaching is making kids laugh. I really chose to teach Spanish because it’s the easiest to make people laugh in, since it is not stressful like math or history,” Kaspari stated.

   Those who have had him as a teacher love the way he teaches. 

   Sophomore Taylor Lingar commented, “He teaches at a good pace that is easy to understand and uses humor to help us relate and remember what we’re learning.”

   Ameia Diggs, a junior currently in Kaspari’s Spanish III class claims that, “He’s very interactive and gets straight to the point so we don’t get confused.”

   Kaspari believes that over the years his teaching has gotten goofier. He includes more jokes and funny videos in his lessons than in the beginning when he says he was more serious. 

   He says teaching is rewarding and he loves to work with high school students, but it is very exhausting. 

   “After a long day at school, I am mentally drained. Teaching is hard work, and when I go home, I feel like I just got hit by a truck,” he stated. 

   He always remembers why he does it though. He knows that his students look up to him. 

   “I loved my teachers when I was in school, and I wanted to be just like them when I got older,” he added. 

   His students love him as well. Sophomores Lingar and Laura Higginbotham agree that he is a 10/10 and Diggs even rated him an 11 on a 10 point scale. 

 Lingar commented, “He always includes everyone and makes sure the whole class understands the lesson. He doesn’t pick favorites or exclude anyone. Mr. Kaspari is by far my favorite teacher at Lakeview.”    

   Kaspari is arguably one of the best teachers in the building. Students and staff love to have him around and he always brightens everyone’s day.