Student leadership organizes ‘Pennies for Patients’ event

Student leadership organizes ‘Pennies for Patients’ event

Mary Holton, Staff writer

   Lakeview’s Student Leadership class has been organizing a campaign called “Pennies for Patients.” This campaign raises money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) is an organization that donates to research and patient care.    

   The Pennies for Patients campaign has been organized at Lakeview for over a decade, and the Student Leadership class has been working hard to make sure it is successful this year. 

   Student Leadership teacher, Stephanie Givinsky, started planning during the spring of 2018-2019 school year. The class has been actively preparing since the start of the second semester of the 2019-2020 school year.

   Givinsky made contact with LLS Outreach Account Lead, Stephanie Mills. Mills helps schools all around Michigan to put on their own Pennies for Patients campaign. She has been helping guide Lakeview to make the campaign successful. Mills has sent additional materials, templates, digital flyers, and helped set up Lakeview’s online fundraising page for them.

   Givinsky stated, “Students this year will be doing more than we have in the past because I have a second semester section of Student Leadership. Students will be setting up online donation pages, creating a social media “buzz”, making and distributing collection containers, and helping create interest in 5th hour classrooms.  They’ll also collect the donations from classrooms and get our donation ready for deposit.” 

   In the past, LLS has sent us containers to help collect donations and Lakeview did not set up an online fundraising page. This year, kids in Student Leadership class will be creating donation boxes and online fundraising pages to make it easier for people to donate and to make it easier for teachers. Teachers, advisors, and leaders are grateful for Student Leadership to help organize this campaign because having a class dedicated to helping school events has reduced the stress on Student Council. 

   Joya Mcghee-Henry, ‘20, stated, “With everyone in the class helping, it gets the job done quickly. It is not difficult work to do, but it definitely would be a lot of work to put together if there was not a class helping put this together.” 

    Givinsky explained, “Having class time dedicated to leadership activities makes it easier for students to get involved, and it also removes some of the pressure from us advisors – we have dedicated time to work on these things instead of trying to squeeze it into our already packed schedules before school or after school. We can be more intentional and more people can participate. It is more inclusive and gives more people a chance to have that leadership experience. It gives us time during the day to focus on what really matters – being good people who do good things to help others.”

   It is important for Lakeview to organize such an awesome event because of the rewarding feeling and the difference they make. Pennies for Patients takes a lot of work and planning, but with the help from Student Leadership and the LLS Outreach Account Lead, Stephanie Mills, they can put together a great campaign at Lakeview High School.