National Art Honor Society Art show preparation


Hannah Kraszewski, Staff writer

   The National Art Honor Society is full of kids who have a strong passion in art. The club focuses on a variety of many different activities such as painting, drawing, photography, and tye dye. Every single student is welcome in the club whether they have been in a art class or not.

   The NAHS (National Art Honor Society) is a place where students can experience many new things. The club is run by Lakeview art teachers Keith Rayner, Katie Schuur, and Sharada Sharp. These teachers take pride in seeing their kids thrive in the arts. 

   “I feel like it’s a really good opportunity for students who are passionate about art to get a chance to do things we wouldn’t normally do in an art class,” stated Sharp.

   The kids are able to find new artistic passions through NAHS. Through this club, they can compete in art shows that they can win numerous awards from. 

   “We’ve had several students win awards and scholarships through art for CCS, Wayne State. We just did the scholastic art awards, we have the Anton Art show in Mount Clemens, we are waiting on results from that,” commented Sharp 

   In the Scholastic art competitions students can win a gold key, a silver key, and honorable mentions. It can give a sense of pride in the kids who do win awards when they compete in any type of art competition.

   “I have been to a few local art shows and Scholastics. I won three gold keys in the Scholastic art competitions. It felt nice knowing that my art was good enough to win something,” said Annabelle Collier, ’21  

   In order to have the best chance of winning, the teachers pick out the best of the best from everyone’s work to enter into the competitions.

   “We inform the students of the art shows and pick the best art to put into the shows. They might be our Art Society students or they could be our normal art students,” explained Schuur 

   The students can learn new things in NAHS to try to perfect and put into the art competitions or just learn things all new, but winning the art competitions is just a great feeling on it’s own. 

   “You winning the competition itself is just a great reward. I’ve learned a lot and became friends with a lot of people, and done new projects such as glass beads. It’s been really fun overall,” described Lia Wilson, ’23.

  The NAHS is the perfect club to for students to join if they want to explore new types of art along with getting recognized and winning awards with their art.