The Return of “Wynning”- Lorenzo Wynn’s impact to this year’s basketball squad


Riley Martin, Staff writer

   Many may have heard about the success of the Lakeview boys basketball team. For those who don’t know, the guys are 12-2, and are having the best turnaround year in a long time.

   A lot of the success can be attributed to the great team cohesiveness and defensive mindset. Another factor has been the resurgence of Lorenzo Wynn’s (12) basketball career. 

   For those that don’t know, Wynn was sidelined his sophomore year due to personal reasons, and again his junior year for a disappointing hand injury. Essentially this year is his first year playing on varsity and his first year of real basketball in two years. 

   He has handled it very well though. Despite adversity and inexperience, he has emerged as a starter, key player, and x-factor on both ends of the court. His strengths are off the fast break, rebounding, finishing, and defense.                    

   Point guard Amaree Dixon,’21 shared what he notices about Wynn on the court.

  Dixon explained, “Whenever I see him on the floor, he’s wide open, and he hits his shots.” 

   Coach Carr of the varsity basketball team added, “He’s 6 ft but he plays like he’s 6’4,” a compliment pointing out his presence and dominance on boards. Overall his addition seemed very appreciated and respected by the coach.

   “They got a guy who gives his all every day, and rebounds and outlets very well.”   

   Wynn gave an insight on how his season was going.

    “It feels good being able to play and show people what I can do on the court.” 

   Wynn attributes much of his success to his teammates giving him confidence and his off season work in the summer league .

   Despite multiple years of trials, Wynn has shown he’s the type of player on and off the court that can handle even the hardest of obstacles. Whether it’s his new hair or his instant presence as a versatile player, Coach Carr and teammate Dixon both agree that Wynn has put in the work over the summer, and now he’s able to show people what he can do.