How Lakeview student’s feel about pep rallies


Skylar MacPhee, Staff writer

   Every school year ,our Lakeview Huskies in Student Council and Eboard put time and effort into making our Pep Rallies exciting for each grade, twice a year.

   These assemblies seem to encourage school spirit for our homecoming football game and our charity week. Our students want to make these experiences unforgettable, and with their offered help and ideas, that is possible.

   “Our pep rallies appear to be very short and rushed, which takes away from the fun and hype of it all. At the end of the day, everyone is ready to go home and they lose interest in the assembly,” says Alex Golett, ‘22.

   Typical pep rallies are held from 2:00-2:41 which gives everyone a short amount of time to get into the auditorium and sit down. This tends to be the most popular complaint about Lakeview’s pep rallies.

   “I feel like they would be a lot more fun if they lasted the whole 7-8 block and not just 8th skinny,” said Reese Mueller, ‘22.  

  If that could be changed, there would have to be many performances, so that there is no extra time. Many want to look back on these experiences after high school, so it is important that you get involved.

   “I want our pep rallies to be something to look back to. I feel that if they did more activities with more people I could look back at them in a better way,” claimed Haley Hubbard, ‘22. 

   But that is not always to blame on our organizers: Eboard, Mrs. Bowen, Ms. Givinski, Mr. Kapla, and Mrs. Huber. Many students feel that our pep rallies are very exciting, but that could also be because of their involvement in the activities.

   Many who are not involving themselves in any activities or  “getting loud” tend to not have as much fun. Involvement is key in a pep rally.

   Some of the most enjoyable performances happen to be the cheerleaders and the football boys choreographed routine as well as the teacher’s dance-off.  Mr. Savalle was a huge hit at our homecoming pep rally lip syncing with Mrs. Savalle.

   “If there are interesting activities for both upper and lower classmen, it tends to be fun and many want to get involved,” said Noah Stanley, ‘20.

   Those who have been involved in performances have had a blast and would do it again in a second if they were asked.

   “I played hungry hippos last year, and it was very fun to be included. It was a new experience and a great way to get involved in our school.” says Carmen Modestino, ‘22.

   You do not want to look back on your highschool years and wish you would have participated more. Make the change now!