High school: are these really the best four years of our lives?

Julia Wyatt, Staff writer

    Students feelings towards this saying are very diverse. There is no right or wrong answer, high school is different for everyone.

   “This is when I start to gain independence as in getting a car and going to college and preparing for that, and these grades are what actually matter for the rest of my life. This is when you really change the most in the shortest amount of time,” explained Reese Mueller, ‘22.

   High school is educational in the way of learning about yourself and life. For a lot of students, it‘s all about their future and becoming independent, but for others it’s about now and living in the moment. 

   “In high school no, these are not the best four years of my life, it comes with a lot of drama and altercations in these four years but there are some good times,” commented Antonio Lovett, ‘20.

   Not everyone takes it the same way as others. We all experience high school differently.

   “That’s hard to say because I haven’t experienced high school to the full extent. I definitely think teen years are great, but I wouldn’t say the best of my life because I have more of my life that I haven’t experienced yet,” stated Alexis Hey, ‘21

   Some things that contribute to these years are friends, studying at a new cafe, complimenting a classmate, visiting new places, trying new foods, and just experiencing all aspects of being a teenager.

   “I wish I would have associated with different people and worked harder on my grades freshman year,” continued Lovett.

   There are regrets, wishes, and hopes mixed into high school years. Some you can change and some you can not. 

   High school is about finding yourself and embracing the real you. We come to recognize our interests, passions, and everything else about ourselves. These years help to shape teenagers into young adults. Through stress, heartbreak, friends, love, spontaneous adventures, and so much more. For those who disagree, go out, have fun, and make these the best four years of your life.