Valentine’s day… Yay or Nay

Nicole Cantin, Staff writer

   There’s no old school love like there used to be. There’s no dancing in the rain, surprise flowers, and love letters like we’ve all seen in the movies. Nowadays, teenagers wish for a “black and white” type of love. 

   The life of a high schooler is rough enough, mix love into it and it becomes a complete mess. So with Valentine’s Day, it’s a whirlwind of emotions for teens. 

   Some people love the holiday, taking the extra opportunity to spoil their partner, others think of it as just a normal day, and others hate it because of the reminder that their single.

   “Even though I’m in a relationship, I don’t think Valentine’s Day is that important. It’s a holiday that’s just there, it’s not special to most people like Christmas is. Your partner is supposed to be your best friend every day, not just one special day,” explained Jack Korte, ‘22.

   Social media these past few weeks have been flooding with memes about being single on Valentine’s Day, most being about how they’ll only be receiving gifts from their mom.

   “I don’t do anything for Valentine’s Day. It’s just a normal day to me. But I guess it’s understandable that couples celebrate it but there’s no real significance or meaning behind the day,” stated Anna Peterman, ‘22.

   A high school relationship can be complicated, with drama and other people constantly being involved, so some couples choose to take advantage of this day to make it truly about each other.

   “I celebrate with my boyfriend. We go out to dinner and hang out. It’s important to take time just for each other and enjoy their presence, so because this day has a name to it it gives us an excuse to dress up and spoil each other,” expressed Reese Mueller, ‘22.

   For many high schoolers, Valentine’s day is just another day and find no purpose in it. In fact, many think it shouldn’t even be a holiday. These tend to be single people. 

   Couples on the other hand love the day, because they feel it’s dedicated to them. They take it as a reminder to cherish their partner.

   Although Valentine’s Day isn’t all about lovely dovey couples, you can take this day to appreciate your best friends and give them cute gifts just to say thanks. 

   So whether you decide to just treat it as another day, or celebrate with someone you love, have a Happy Valentine’s Day.