Several Lakeview students awarded Gold Key

Several Lakeview students awarded Gold Key

Hailey Cingel, Staff writer

 Gold and Silver Key awards are given out regionally to the best art pieces by Scholastic Art and Writing. This year, several Lakeview students were awarded keys and honorable mentions at the awards ceremony.

   Upon receiving a Gold Key, that artist’s piece of work is automatically submitted to a panel for review. If selected for the national level award, the artist gets to go to New York city to accept the Gold Medal.

   Junior Avary Black won a Gold Key for her realism art piece. The drawing is of another student, Olivia Miller, who posed for Black’s photo that inspired the drawing.

   “The curls were really difficult, and it was hard to do her eyelashes and hair. Overall, it took me around thirty hours to complete. When I finished it, I was really relieved and proud of what I had drawn, and I knew that it was the piece I wanted to submit,” stated Black.

   Senior Liliana Webb won a Gold Key and two honorable mentions for her work in photography. Two pieces were abstract photos, while the other was from a photo shoot.

   “I was proud of myself because a lot of people say that all four years of high school they’ve put pieces in, and they’ve never gotten a Gold Key before. This was my first year putting in anything for Scholastics, so it was kind of cool because I just did it for the heck of it and I ended up getting a Gold Key,” exclaimed Webb.

  Although Black and Webb both won Gold Keys, they are not the only Lakeview students to receive this award for 2020. Among the other Lakeview recipients were junior Annabelle Collier and seniors Bella Day and Qwynn Willert.

   The Silver Key and several Honorable Mentions were given out to juniors Gwen Archibald, Logan Beresford, Hannah Poynter, Aiden Trombley, and senior Mikayla Waldorf.

   Every Lakeview artist who was recognized at the Regional Scholastics this year was enthused to receive recognition for their hard work in several different types of art.  Selected pieces included drawings, paintings, and photos. Gold Medal winners will be announced on March 16, 2020.