Mr. Donaghue recaps his first semester at Lakeview

Mary Holton & Kailee Ball, Staff writers

   Lakeview hired a 2002 Lakeview graduate, Jamie Donaghue, to join the staff for the 2019-2020 school year. Donaghue started midway through first semester and took over Art Explorations and Cartooning classes.

   Since Donaghue is a Lakeview alumni, many of his coworkers were once his teachers. 

   Chemistry teacher, Steven Nicholl stated, “Jamie played football here for me when he was a freshman. He was social, funny, and very involved in the school community”.

   Donaghue worked in the Madison Heights School District at Bishop Foley, where he taught over 10 classes. In his second semester, Donaghue is teaching Fashion Design, 2D Studio, jBeginning Painting and Advanced Painting.

   In Donaghue’s art exploration class, he started the year teaching students the basics of art. One of his first projects involved having students drawing a portrait of their favorite teacher and giving it to them. 

   Junior, Sophie Harris explained, “This was one of my favorite projects of the year. It was challenging, but it was very rewarding at the end to see the final result after putting together everything I learned and my art skills into this project.

   Other projects in art explorations included designing clay tiles and creating color wheels. Students learned how to shade, use the value scale, critique art, draw portraits, and create tints, tones, and shades. 

   Donaghue hope is for students to create a sketchbook for their drawings throughout the class. The students are tasked with designing the cover to the sketchbook, representing who they are. Donaghue binds the sketchbook together and laminates each student’s cover. Every few weeks, a sketchbook is due with an assignment that relates to what students are learning in class. At the end of semester the students get to keep their sketchbook with all their drawings and notes from the class.

   When Donaghue was a student at Lakeview, he was President of the Art Honors Club and vice president of Student Council. Since coming to Lakeview, Donaghue has been participating in the Art Club and is interested in starting a film club next year.

   Donaghue is adjusting well after his first year thanks to the encouragement from students and staff members. 

   Donaghue stated, “The students here are generally very positive and kind. This helped me adjust well coming in midway through the semester.” 

   Given the circumstances, Donaghue did a great job with his first semester as an art teacher. Students and staff are thrilled to have him.