Lakeview’s GPA system is changing for the 2020-2021 school year

Lakeview’s GPA system is changing for the 2020-2021 school year

Allison Anastas, Staff writer

   Next school year, Lakeview has announced that advanced placement (AP) and accelerated courses will be on a new weighted GPA scale. Each letter grade will be worth .5 more than it has been in past years. For example, an A grade in AP classes will be worth a 5.0 and in an accelerated class a 4.5. 

   Not only will this change apply to advanced students, but also the 8th grade students who take classes at the high school. Before, the classes 8th graders would take only counted as a credit, but as of next year, they’re courses will affect their GPAs as well.

  Changing the scale will help students chances of getting into the college and earning competitive scholarships. Other schools in the area and state have been using this scale for quite a few years now, resulting in colleges choosing students who have GPAs over a 4.0.

  Upperclassmen who have already taken some of these courses and have had their GPAs fall because of their grades are upset that the change didn’t come sooner. 

  Junior Lucas Wirick stated, “While it’s definitely needed for incoming students, I think students who have already taken accelerated or AP classes should be able to have their GPAs weighted as well.”

   Avary Black, another AP student, has had her GPA affected by the classes she took.

   She remarked that “I’m excited for the new system and I think it will be a great opportunity for students in the future, but I wish it happened this year or in years before.”

   Lakeview students agree that the change will help raise GPAs in order to raise their chances of getting into more competitive colleges and earn scholarships.

   Lakeview High School’s principal, Scott Kapla, has answered some questions about why the switch hasn’t already been made in previous years. Kapla, Tracy VanPeeren (Lakeview’s Deputy Superintendent), Lakeview’s counselors, the sub-curriculum board committee, and the board of education worked together to make the decision.

   “We had to do our research and it took a while to do that research. We finally got all the data from colleges and surrounding schools to start moving forward after about a year of work,” Kapla stated. 

   Their decision was set up to reward students in harder classes and help them improve their GPAs or maintain a steady GPA while taking advanced classes.

   “Our goal is to increase the rigor of the classes that students take, meaning more difficult classes should not be equal to easier electives or standard courses. We also want to reward out students so that they can have a better shot of getting into colleges. While some schools will go through and reweigh a student’s GPA, most colleges in the area don’t,” Kapla explained. 

   Students and staff are hoping that the new scale will be beneficial and will help Lakeview graduates do great during life after high school.