Justin Bieber makes a comeback with new hit docuseries


Jennifer Laukonis & Emma Schulz, Staff writers

   After Justin Bieber took a three-year break and cancelling his Purpose World Tour in July of 2017, he announced his comeback with a new album, tour, and docuseries. The docuseries is called “Seasons” and consists of a 10-episode YouTube series about his new life, hardships, and journey to making his new album, Changes

   Bieber decided to release “Seasons” in order to put his past behind him and embrace his new way of life. In the first episode, Bieber takes viewers back to his hometown of Stratford, Canada to show them where he got started. From there, the series recaps why Bieber cancelled his tour due to being in a creative rut and wanting to get back on track. 

   After performing with Ariana Grande at Coachella, Bieber announced that he would soon be back with a new album. This performance made him realize how much he missed performing and ultimately led to creating his upcoming album, Changes.

   For the rest of Bieber’s docuseries, he shows fans the process of creating his new album and how his life has changed for the better with his new wife, Hailey Bieber. Even though he shows his struggles from his past, “Seasons” marks Bieber’s personal growth and what led him to where he is now.

   Lakeview students either love or hate Bieber, and they all have differing opinions on his new era and docuseries.

   Senior Paris Lopez is a huge Justin Bieber fan, and she is overjoyed at the very idea of his new docuseries.

   “I have been a Belieber for ten years now, and I am so excited for this new era. The docuseries is amazing because it really allows you to see who Justin is as a person. I am excited to continue watching the series,” Lopez mentioned.

   Chelsea Fernandez, ‘20 is also a huge “Belieber”. She always listens to Bieber’s music, buys his concert tickets, and watches all of his content. Due to this, she loves the “Seasons” docuseries.

   “Justin Bieber is one of my favorite artists; I’ve been watching the docuseries and I’m obsessed with it. I love the series because we didn’t get to see him for a long time, and now that he’s back we get to see a deeper side of him we’ve never seen before. Hailey should just not be in this or with him,” Fernandez stated.

   Lorelei Krembel, ‘20 is the furthest from a Justin Bieber fan, considering she does not approve of Bieber or his music.

   “I am not a fan of his music and especially his new song “Yummy.” I do not hate him as a person, but I would say I am not impressed with his actions and what example he has set for kids growing up. I will not watch the documentary because it does not interest me at all,” Krembel expressed.

   As a whole, those who have followed Bieber from the very beginning continue to support and love what he creates; on the other hand, many students dislike Bieber and do not agree with either his actions nor his music style. 

   New episodes of Bieber’s “Seasons” are continually being released, and those who are fans can watch the second half of the series on YouTube Premium.