Jay.2k releases new music


Mary Holton, Staff writer

   Senior at Lakeview Jay.2k, also known as Jaylin Powell, released new music this new year. Jay.2k has not released music since the summer of 2019, so lots of his fans were very pleased to hear this big news. 

   Amanda Balon, ‘20 is a big fan of Jay.2k’s music and has been a fan since he released his first song, “Who,” three years ago. Balon likes his new music but finds his first release her favorite. 

   Balon said, “I like all of Jay.2k’s music, but I think my favorite will always be his first song, ‘Who.’ The girls golf team has made it a tradition to listen to that song before our regional tournament, and it may just be our good luck charm.” 

   Jay.2k is not consistent with when he releases music. He is going to wait until the new songs get a certain amount of views before he releases another one to the public. He believes this will keep his fans interested and give him more publicity. 

   He only posts his music to SoundCloud, so he gets all of his views from one platform. When he becomes more known, he will consider expanding to other platforms as well. 

   His recent music has been influenced by the late rapper, xxxtentacion. 

   Powell said, “There are lots of artists I look up to, but I mainly look up to xxxtentacion because of the style of his music and the messages behind them.” 

   Jay.2k has many supporters including his friends, schoolmates, and family. He especially appreciates Lakeview senior and best friend Willie Cade. 

   Cade said, “He knows I am always here for him. I am his hype man, and I do everything I can to promote his music.” 

   Jay.2k records his music at The Disc recording studio, located off of 9 mile in Eastpointe. He has been going there since he released his first song, “Who” and continued to record there for his recent releases, “Elevator Song” and “The Race Music.” 

   He said, “I have been seeing the same engineers since day one. They help me improve my music by giving me advice and support.”

   In my personal opinion, I love Jay.2k’s recent releases. It is obvious how dedicated and serious he is to his music. It makes me so happy seeing him be so passionate about something he clearly loves doing. 

   Balon said, “I think Jay.2k has great potential to go far. His music and personality will get him far in the world.” 

   Lakeview students and fans are very pleased to hear that Jay.2k came out with new music, so if you haven’t heard it yet, make sure to give it a listen.