Harold Irby and Isaiah Robinson sign to Saginaw Valley State University


Kayla Bellow, Staff writer

   On Wednesday Feb. 5, seniors Harold Irby and Isaiah Robinson signed to Saginaw Valley State University which is located in Kochville, Michigan. 

   The difference between committing and signing is quite significant. Typically, commiting is verbal and can be done to multiple different schools whereas signing is contractual and the person is then obligated to attend the school they signed to.

   Irby and Robinson have been playing football together since they were ten years old. They didn’t talk much during little league, and it wasn’t until middle school when the two began to become as close as they are now. Over the years, their friendship has grown and changed just like they have, and this is due to football. 

   Robinson stated, “Football is an interesting sport when it comes to the physicality and nature of the game. Due to the physicality, the bonds you create are stronger. In the sense of football impacting my relationship with Harold it has changed for the better. We have grown up together and become the people we are today.”

   Irby added, “Isaiah has been my friend for a long time, so it will be cool to extend the friendship, and over the next four to five years, be playing together and living together.  Our relationship has built off of football. We became friends during little league and carried that all through high school.”

   The growth within their friendship, their football skills, and their personalities is evident to many such as coaches and fellow players. 

    Anthony Savalle, former middle school football coach, said, “When I had Harold as an eighth grade football player I thought he had more skills than any other eighth grader. He was stronger than anybody and bigger than anybody: he was a force to be reckoned with. On the other hand, Isaiah had a lot of talent but he was very thin and was growing into his body. He was very awkward when he ran and I actually questioned if his legs were okay.”

   The growth of their skills since pee wee football up until now is drastic.

   Savalle said, “ In regards to Harold, I always thought he had the potential to play this game at a high level. But if you were to ask me in eighth grade if Isaiah was going to become a college football player I would say “I don’t think he is there yet”. But as I have watched him grow up and become the athlete he is today it wasn’t surprising to see him become a college football player.”

   Going from high school football into a college setting is going to be a big change for the both of them but it will be nice to have a familiar face making the transition as well.

   In college, Robinson is most looking forward to being around other players that will push him to be the best player possible. He is also excited to have someone relatable and so hardworking like Harold around. This will make the transition to a new school much easier.

   Both men are hardworking and dedicated athletes that have a lot going for them. They both have the potential to be successful in life and have a future full of opportunities ahead of them. Although the transition may be challenging at first, the two will overcome it together and continue to grow as football players and as people.