Brooke Potocki wins February’s student of the month


Aili Mayfield, Staff writer

   Sophomore, Brooke Potocki, has been recognized as Lakeview’s February student of the month. This is a great accomplishment and it doesn’t come easy. Earning this title takes a lot of dedication and hard work. 

   Potocki was really shocked when she found out about this acknowledgment. 

   “I was really surprised! When they called me down to the office to tell me, I was thinking that I had done something wrong and I was freaking myself out. I quickly realized I hadn’t done anything wrong, but it was all such a shock to me,” Potocki explained.

   History teacher Shane Smith nominated Potocki, and feels she is very deserving of this title. 

   “Brooke is a wonderful student; she is one the most hard-working students I have had in a long time. She is very conscious of her grades, doesn’t procrastinate, and does her best on every assignment. Brooke is an engaged learner who dedicates sufficient time outside of class to her studies, and her grades and citizenship are a direct reflection of that,” said Smith. 

   Although Potocki was surprised, she does feel that she works hard enough to be student of the month. 

    “I work really hard in school, and I make sure to always keep my grades up. So, in a way I feel I did earn this,” reflected Potocki. 

   In addition to getting good grades, and working hard in school, Potocki is also an outstanding example of how to participate in class. 

   “Brooke is very self-motivated, appears to believe in being a life-long learner, unafraid to ask questions, motivated to learn, super attentive, and works extremely well in a group,” Smith stated. 

   Potocki feels that participating in class is extremely important and helps her a lot in school. 

   “I just try to always participate and understand what’s going on in the class, and I try my best on every assignment,” said Potocki.

   From day one, Potocki has shown qualities of an amazing, respectful student. 

   “From the first day of class until the last, Brooke was always extremely polite, respectful, trustworthy, and responsible,” stated Smith. 

   Potocki plans to continue to be a good student and hopes to always be as motivated as she is now. 

   “I will continue to apply myself and work hard in all my classes. I’m so honored to have won student of the month; it’s just been so cool!” Potocki explained.