Lakeview eliminates senior quotes from yearbook


Hailey Cingel & Emma Schulz, Staff writers

    Starting this year, Lakeview will no longer feature senior quotes in the yearbook.  As of now, the tradition will not come back in the future, which has brought about some student controversy.

   Senior quotes have been a yearbook tradition for years, and all seniors were eligible to participate.  Each senior was able to choose a quote that was meaningful to them, or they could write their own quote to be remembered by. 

   “In terms of the typical senior quote that you would see in a meme, a lot of yearbooks are now deciding to get rid of it because they’re all plagiarized quotes. So, using a quote from The Office without having the proper authorization can lead to a lot of problems,” stated Sharada Sharp. 

   The decision to exclude senior quotes came about for many different reasons, plagiarism being only one.  Class participation in senior quotes has dwindled over the years, and every submitted quote had to be reviewed to ensure that it was school appropriate.

   “In recent years, class participation has dropped dramatically, and less and less people submit things like senior quotes. Also when quotes would be submitted, they would need to be approved and many were inappropriate and couldn’t be used anyway,” stated senior editor Nick Rzeppa.

   Yearbook editor Leah Sargeant, ’20 expressed some sadness over the choice but is excited for the new additions to the yearbook that counter the quote removal.

   “I’m sad that we aren’t doing senior quotes anymore, and I understand why kids are upset.  This year’s yearbook is really coming together, and I think the new details we’ve added will make up for getting rid of the quotes,” stated Sargeant.

   New details added to the yearbook will include new feature spreads, such as a feature on the senior parking spots, a cafeteria spread, and one on Lakeview alumni and their children who are current students.

   While there are some students who are still upset about the issue, most of the senior class has come to terms with the decision.  Participation rates have lowered, and most of the incoming quotes from previous years were either plagiarized or featured hidden inappropriate content.