Lakeview contributes to Black History Month


Nicole Cantin & Julia Wyatt, Staff writers

   The month of February is known as Black History Month. The staff and students at Lakeview High School find it important to show their support for this month.

   One way teachers do this is by having their classes post pictures of historical figures throughout the hallways. 

   “It was a no brainer for me to have my leadership class play a role in promoting the stories of the people who do not get recognition for helping create the world that we all live today,” explained science teacher Stephanie. Givinsky. 

   It’s important to educate their students on a very important month that can often go overlooked. 

   “We traditionally have not done a very good job of telling stories of different types of people, so I think that there’s a lot that gets forgotten or left out of textbooks and the news, so this is the perfect time to tell those stories,” stated Givinsky.

   The most important thing to understand is how this month directly affects the lives of Lakeview High School’s diverse student body. 

   “Black History Month is important to me because black people are underrepresented, and this school is predominantly white and I feel a lot of students need a lesson on something that’s important to someone else and not just their culture,” expressed Zaria Pitts, ‘22.

   A lot of students also find it essential that their peers recognize all the people who have made countless sacrifices and all their accomplishments.

   “All the black people that have sacrificed themselves and their own freedom for the better of us deserve to be recognized. I see all the posters in the halls of important black figures and I think it’s really unique,” said Carlos Ross, ‘22.

   It’s been made clear by the student body and staff that Black History Month deserves to be recognized.

   Most feel that Lakeview does a very good job of showing their support for the month and giving recognition to all who have played a part in our nation’s history.