Kids Against Hunger Fundraiser gives hope to people both around the block and the world

Kids Against Hunger Fundraiser gives hope to people both around the block and the world

Alyssa Sutterfield, Michael Maniaci, & Skylar Macphee, Staff writers

On Saturday Jan. 26, Lakeview High School held the annual Kids Against Hunger fundraiser. This fundraiser has kids, adults, and even parents all across the Lakeview Public Schools community come together to package food for people. 

   These groups of kids, teens, and adults come together to package 14-ounce bags of rice that feed up to six people per bag. 

   These pre-packaged bags of rice can go around the block or around the world.

   About 60 children from the elementary schools and 20 each from Jefferson Middle School and Lakeview High School participated, along with about 50 adults. While packaging the meals, the executive director of the Kids Coalition Against Hunger, Michael Burwell, will take time to explain to participants what the meals include, where they are going and why they are needed.

   Huber commented that these bags of food even go to locations of natural disaster. 

   Huber stated, “For example, because Australia is having such a hard time right now with massive wildfires, some of the food might actually go there.” 

   Though these bags can help people, Huber wanted to create a reason for people of all ages to come together and help those in need. 

   She commented that kindergarteners can’t always impact the world through their knowledge, but they can always help with their skills. 

   Huber expressed, “It’s really easy to help impact the world and have fun while doing it too.” 

   According to Burwell, over the past nine years, those volunteering at Lakeview have packaged more than 140,000 meals, with 60,000 of those distributed to local food pantries and soup kitchens.

   For every 20,000 bags of food, it costs about $5,600. Huber says it has been getting harder each year to raise the money. The Optimist Club of St. Clair Shores held a Coney Night fundraiser for the event Jan. 15 to help the students raise some of the money.

   Lakeview High School and Kids Against Hunger need your help aid those in need with these prepackaged food bags. Please think about donating your time or money next year to this wonderful cause!