The reason why the cafe side of the cafeteria is always closed finally revealed


Kyle Hedge, Staff writer

 For a while now, Lakeview has made an announcement almost everyday that the cafe side of the cafeteria is closed. This announcement has become so common that some of the teachers and students can predict what the announcement will say when they hear the speaker go off. Most of the teachers and students may know when the school will announce that the cafe side will be closed, but some may wonder why the cafe side is always closed.

   “So we are supposed to have eight employees at the high school, and today we have four. When we are shorthanded, we will make salad and sandwiches and soup and put it on this side instead of over there, so we don’t have to have that register open,” stated Tammy Smith, who manages the kitchen in the cafeteria.

   Smith also added “We want it open everyday. The only reason it is closed is if we have four employees only, I have two people serving here and two registers.” 

   So it probably makes the most sense that the school wants to even things out without there being a huge crowd of students waiting to get their hot lunch.

   Smith also explained that some of the kitchen staff members transfer around the district to cover for other kitchen staff members at the other schools. 

   “For example, today two of my elementary girls are sick, so we send two from the high school.” Smith stated.

   The cafe side won’t be like this for much longer. “I can promise you that we won’t probably have it closed like its been because of the way hiring goes.” Smith continued to explain, “So Lakeview has hired a full time district coordinator.”

   Some students may say that the cafe lunch line is better than the other lunch lines. “Yes I do, it usually has more stuff and a variety than the other line,” stated James Ohara, ‘21.

   The cafe side of the cafeteria may have some advantages to certain students since it usually has a much shorter line than the other hot lunch lines. “I get more than disappointed; I get very annoyed when it is closed,” stated Ohara.

   This could possibly end soon since new employees are being hired to fill the positions.