Three Lakeview Students win big money and recognition at the MCWT Web Design Competition

Three Lakeview Students win big money and recognition at the MCWT Web Design Competition

Alyssa Sutterfield, Staff writer

 On Saturday, Jan.11, three Lakeview students were awarded for their outstanding hard work and dedication for their self-created websites by the Michigan Council for Women in Technology.

   Every year, the competition creates a new and general theme for each of the young women to create a website about. This year’s theme was to create a tech product or service – imaginary or real – that impacts the world in a positive way. 

   Sophomore Nina Crawley and Seniors Hannah Poynter and Caroline Oster all placed at the competition and won cash prizes for their work. All of these girls were entered into the High School Beginners Category. 

   Senior, Hannah Poynter came in second place overall at the competition. Poynter’s website was about robotic surgery and using the Davinci machine to complete these surgeries. 

   Poynter stated, “The research for this website was relatively simple it’s really just all about the creativity you have with your website.” 

   Poynter came in second place overall in the competition and was also very surprised that she had won a cash prize, but what Poynter was most surprised about was the fact that she even placed in the competition. 

   Poynter elaborated, “In the end, I won $400 for coming in second place. In all honesty, I really didn’t think I was going to even place. So placing, plus winning a huge cash prize was shocking.” 

   Sophomore, Nina Crawley’s website was about how solar panels positively impact the world. Crawley commented that learning about the solar panels was very interesting. 

   Crawley stated, “In the end, the competition was really fun and it was really cool knowing that the hard work I put into my website paid off.” 

   Senior, Caroline Oster has some ideas of what to do with her cash prize of $100 after coming in fourth place in the competition. 

   Oster stated, “I have a couple of ideas, but the idea that seems the most fun is buying concert tickets with it.” 

   All three of the girls agreed that all girls who are asked to complete the project should also enter the competition. They also agreed that this is a one in a lifetime chance to win some money and show the people around you how rewarding it is to watch your hard work pay off.