Olivia Grabowski receives All State Academic

Morgan Kimm, Staff writer

  It has recently been announced that Olivia Grabowski,‘20 has received academic all state for volleyball.

  Receiving academic all state is a huge honor that not many achieve. Grabowski was the only senior on the volleyball team to reach this goal. 

  Grabowski was extremely excited, but also very surprised that she qualified.

  Grabowski stated, “Our coach had mentioned earlier in the season that I could possibly qualify for academic all state, but I did not think that I would win. When I was told that I had won, I had forgotten about the conversation, so I was not expecting it at all.”

  The purpose of the award is to recognize student athletes who have kept the best grades and gpas amongst their teammates, while also being an active team member.

  Grabowski also talked about the requirements that are needed to receive all state academic.

  “In order to receive the award you must be a senior, play on a varsity sports team, and maintain at least a 3.7 gpa all throughout highschool.”

  In addition to just receiving the award the school also frames a picture of you and puts it in the hallway. 

  Grabowski stated, “I’m excited that my picture will be on the wall because it will show my accomplishments for people to look at and remember once I graduate.”

   Many of Grabowski’s teammates were also very excited for her once they found out she had won as well. 

Teammate Liliana Mazawey, ‘21 said, “ I was so happy for Olivia when I found out she had received academic all state. Liv is a very hard worker and she’s a great student as well. She definitely deserved to receive it and I can’t wait to see her picture up hanging on the wall.” 

Grabowski is very excited to be recognized and feels that her hard work has paid off. 

“I am very proud of myself for my academic performance throughout highschool. I’m glad I was able to maintain a good GPA while also playing volleyball. I finally feel that my hard work has paid off finally for all my work in the last 4 years.” 

  Receiving academic all state is not easy to pull off but it is very achievable. It is an exciting award that Lakeview recognizes and it is very exciting that Grabowski was recognized for her achievements in school as well as on the court.