Lakeview band Blurred Opinions plays at local pub

Aili Mayfield, Staff writer

   On Jan. 4, the band Blurred Opinions, which is made up of Lakeview students Nick Rzeppa, Eric Bean, and Nate Wittenberg played at Ireland’s Pub in Saint Clair Shores. 

   The band has played there before and many people enjoy their music.

   “We’ve been playing at Ireland’s since 2018. It’s always a good place to play because of the environment and the people. We’re always welcome there,” said Nick Rzeppa, ‘20, the band’s front man, songwriter, and guitarist.

   The shows that the band has done in the past have been just for fun, but this time, there was a main goal behind the performance. 

   “This last goal was of course fun, but the goal was to take the money we made and put it towards recording, which we will be doing within the next couple of weeks,” Rzeppa stated. 

  Because of their show, the band was able to raise enough money to professionally record at least two songs, which is extremely exciting for them. 

   “I’m actually a little scared going in to record for the first time. I just don’t know what to expect, since I’ve never gone into a studio before,” Nate Wittenberg, ‘20, one of the band’s guitarists said. 

   Blurred Opinions is not only a cover band, but they also write some of their own original songs as well. They are excited to have these songs recorded and eventually released. 

   “We have three originals ready to be recorded right now. Our plan is to record them one at a time, and then release them as singles. We may record one of our popular covers as well, but it depends on how much studio time we have,” stated Rzeppa. 

   Those who went and saw the band play really enjoyed their time there and were happy to support such a talented band. 

   “I know the band works really hard, so I really wanted to go and support them and see them live,” Alyssa Sutterfield, ‘21 explained.

   The show was super fun to see and the band did extremely well. 

   “They did so well! All the songs they performed were done so nicely. You can tell they put so much work into it, and that they truly just love playing together. They are all so talented,” said Sutterfield. 

   The boys also feel that the show ran smoothly, and are happy for the opportunity to perform. 

   “I personally think we did a very good job. I think it’s because we just all click and get along with each other so easily. I’m excited to see what other things we get do together as a band,” Wittenberg stated.