Lakeview shares its thoughts on Season two of YOU

Lakeview shares its thoughts on Season two of YOU

Aili Mayfield, Staff writer

   On Dec. 26, Netflix released season two of their hit series You. Those who have watched the new season have really enjoyed it. 

   “I enjoyed watching the second season of You. I thought it was very clever how they introduce a new character who is very much like Joe, but you don’t realize that until near the end,” said teacher Anthony Savalle. 

   There are several aspects of the show that keep viewers intrigued and eager to keep watching. 

   “I like how, even though the main character is a bad guy and he’s done some terrible things, you’re still pulling for him. You kind of think he’s a nice guy, even though he deserves to be in prison,” Savalle explained.

   Viewers feel that season two was not predictable and it kept you confused and unsure about what the outcome of the season will be. 

   “I felt like this season of You was completely unpredictable. The writers could have done so many things, and could have gone so many different ways. No matter what route they decided to take, I feel like it still would have been really good,” Chris John, ‘21 stated. 

   Season two has also been considered to be less dragged on and more exciting than season one. 

   “I felt like season one got to a point where it was just dragging on and it got predictable. I like that season two had more twists and unexpected events. I also like that in season two they integrated some new characters,” Kayla Bellow, ‘21 said. 

   Although the new season has been a huge hit, there are some things that the viewers disliked. 

   “I feel like the last couple of episodes were very rushed, and they definitely could have been expanded upon. I think they should have gone more into depth on certain aspects. It felt like they were just trying to fit the seasons in ten episodes, and I wanted more information,” explained Bellow. 

   Now that season two is out, viewers are excited and anxious for season three to be released. 

   “I do want there to be a season three. The way the story ends, leaves a lot of things unanswered. It leads you to believe, with a little cliffhanger, that there will be a new season. I just hope it doesn’t take a year; I hope it comes out soon,” said Savalle.