Inside scoop on what it’s like to train for soccer


Kayla Bellow, Staff writer

   As spring is on its way, this year’s varsity soccer players are beginning to prepare for the upcoming season.

   In past years, the team’s main focus for the pre-season was to work on various skills. They would do different cardio circuits and drills that would have different targets.

   Coaches Nick Spano, Simon Miners, and Jessica Penny have begun working with the girls on their yearly training and set up pre-season games at Total Sports in Fraser. Many other schools in the area have played pre season soccer games in previous years but this is the first year that Lakeview has participated. 

   The team, that is playing at Total Soccer, consists of returning varsity players and six junior varsity players that were asked to move up. This is not the set team for the school year because tryouts haven’t happened yet. Juniors, Riley Maison and Cece Mernatti are returning Varsity players and Junior, Sydney Phillips is one of the six girls asked to move up for preseason activities. 

  By switching up what the team is doing to prepare for the upcoming season, the girls hope the benefits will be shown when they start playing real games.

   Phillips stated, “I think the preseason games will be very beneficial for the spring season. Many of us girls haven’t played together and by participating in these games we are learning everyone’s strengths and weaknesses and becoming a more coherent team overall.”

   Maison added, “This year’s training is similar to previous year’s, but I think this years will show the most growth within each girl and the team as a whole. We will still be working on agilities and bettering our skills but adding preseason games this year will be a good change of pace.”

   Because the girls are learning to work as a team before the season actually starts, they are hoping for this years record to portray this.

   Mernatti said, “Our record in previous years hasn’t been the best. Some girls tend to play for themselves instead of for the team which doesn’t help any of us. By participating in the pre-season soccer games, we hope to see an improvement in our record.”

   By changing up the training this year, the girls and the coaches hope to see great improvements for the spring season. Each year the teams hopes to get better and by making the small chances this year they hope to have a very successful season.