Wrestling Horror Stories: The Secret side of this dangerous sport

Wrestling Horror Stories: The Secret side of this dangerous sport

Alyssa Sutterfield, Staff writer

   Over the 2019-2020 Winter Break, Lakeview High School holds a wrestling tournament in the school. During the tournament, one of our fellow wrestlers from Utica schools broke his femur in half during the tournament. 

   Senior, Joe Williams actually witnessed the student’s leg break in the middle of his match with Lakeview Husky, Junior, Ken Soderberg. 

   Williams elaborated, “When I heard a loud snap, I thought it was Ken’s head because it was on the ground when I looked over at the mats. But when Ken stood up and the other kid was still on the ground holding his leg, that’s how we all knew it was broken.”

   Williams continued on about how an injury like this is really devastating to someone’s wrestling season, but also to his whole career. 

   Williams stated, “We already knew that he wasn’t going to be able to wrestle this season, but he most likely won’t wrestle the same way he did before his leg broke, which is really sad.”  

   Though a broken femur is very uncommon, smaller injuries like a sprained wrist or a concussion happen more often than most think. 

   Junior, Shamar Akins currently has a broken thumb this season due to a tussle at practice. 

   Shamar explained, “When it happened, it didn’t really hurt that bad, but the next day at practice was a completely different story. I couldn’t do anything without being in pain. Next thing I know I’m at the doctor’s office, and I’m being told I broke my thumb, again.” 

   Senior, Brian Hannan stated that during one of his wrestling matches, he was knocked out cold by another kid from Utica schools. 

   Hannan explained, “I was in the middle of my match with this kid and the next thing I knew I was getting picked up and getting thrown on my head. I woke up a little later and didn’t really know what was going on.” 

   Wrestling Coach, Steven Nicholl, stated that he has seen some pretty gross elbows and knees, but the worst thing he’s ever seen is something that happened 26 years ago.

   Nicholl elaborated, “When I was first coaching wrestling, I saw a student’s femur break. The worst part about it was that his bone actually punctured his skin and poked its way out of his body.”

   Though this sport can be very dangerous, the boys think the risk is worth the reward for this sport. The entire team agreed that the sport of wrestling always brings new challenges and it’s always different every day. Make sure you tell our fellow wrestlers good luck with the rest of their season!