Shores Nutrition hits the streets of St. Clair Shores


Morgan Kimm, Staff writer

  At the end of November, St. Clair Shores announced an opening of a new business, Shores Nutrition.

  The business is located on 9mile and Mack Dr. and is open 7am-7pm Monday- Friday, and 9am-3pm on Saturday and Sunday. 

  Shores Nutrition is not your typical smoothie bar or cafe. They sell strictly protein shakes, coffee, and tea that are all extremely healthy. The shakes are supposed to be used as meal replacements. Each shake is packed with 24 grams of protein and under 9 grams of sugar. Not only this, but all the shakes are under 250 calories. Shores Nutrition has created lots of fun flavors including s’mores, red velvet sugar cookie, and many more.

  The teas and coffees can be thought of as an energizer. They come in three sizes ( small, big, and mega). These drinks are all natural and burn between 80-100 calories as you drink it. Additionally, these teas and coffee promote absorption of nutrients, eliminate bloating, and enhances clarity and focus. Every few weeks Shores comes up with a featured tea of the week that comes in their mega size. 

  The only downside is the menu items are a bit pricey. To order a mega shake, it is priced at about $9. A shake and tea combo comes to about $15. 

  While this sounds quite expensive, many St. Clair Shores residents feel as if these products are worth every penny. 

   Lauren Mispelon,’21 stated, “I really enjoy Shores Nutrition. I find that the shakes are a great meal replacer. They come in lots of great flavors, and I find  they taste similar to a milkshake. I would never guess that they are packed with so much protein. I also find that the tea leaves me feeling energized and refreshed. While both of these drinks taste so good, they also are super healthy for you which is also very beneficial.”

  Molly Kraatz ‘21 said, “I prefer the teas at Shores Nutrition over the shakes. I think they have a good flavor and I think it’s interesting that there is fat burner in them that is supposed to help keep you full. Although I don’t like the shakes as much, there are tons of different kinds you can try.”

  Student Sydney Monday ‘21 stated, “I find it that Shores Nutrition is very expensive. However, I do enjoy the teas and the look of them is cute. It’s not something that I would buy very often, but it’s a nice addition to our city.”

  Shores Nutrition is a unique, new, and exciting change that St. Clair Shores needed. If you are looking for healthy alternatives for meals, or just for a delicious tea or shake, Shores Nutrition should be your go to stop.