Lakeview track and field takes a running start


Zachary Kahler, Staff writer

  Recently, the Lakeview track and field team began conditioning for their Spring season. The conditioning begins at 3 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday every week by the weight room. 

   Dan Cheney is the head sprinting coach, and Jefferey Kaspari is the head throwing coach. Throughout their years of coaching, they’ve seen many records set by the Lakeview team, such as Malcolm Mcintyre’s, who graduated in ‘18, personal record of 10.91 seconds in the 100-meter dash, beating the school record, and two new freshman who blew away the competition in the 100-meter dash and high jump (Mario Mitchell getting a 12.18 second run and Sam Meyers getting a 5’8 jump). For them being both freshmen in 2018, these scores were spectacular. Last season, Craig Lippet, who graduated last year, ran so well that he even competed over in Australia. 

   Chaney and Kaspari both want to keep their athletes in shape and sharp in order to keep their excellent records up.

   “My goal for conditioning right now is to keep people active and avoid getting muscle atrophy and gain a lot of weight with a loss of muscle strength. I want them to work on speed and work on strength instead of sitting on the couch,” Kaspari explained. 

   Chaney and Kaspari begin each day of conditioning by having the athletes warm up. They would run a five minute lap or by doing various stretches such as three forms of skips (A, B, and C) and build-up sprints.

   After warm ups the athletes would begin the specific workouts. Usually, throwers, sprinters, and distance runners would be split as the season gets closer, but for now they workout as a team. Some of the exercises that the team does include stairs, where they run up and down the stairs near the gym; ladders, where they run through individual squares; and temple runs, where they run around the school in a loop, alternating between sprinting and jogging on each side of the school.

   As conditioning continues, a lot of athletes begin to stick out. 

   “We have some really great athletes this year. I can’t name anyone in particular because we have so many amazing athletes. There are some really great athletes that choose to come condition on the offseason and are really impressing the coaches,” Kaspari stated. 

   Jacob Kahler, ‘21, is one of the recent stars this coming season. “I’ve been in track since freshman year. I began as a sprinter, but pole vaulting caught my eye. Ever since then, I’ve been trying to increase the height I can vault over. I also run the 200 meter dash. I have been succeeding a lot in that, and I’m working on trying to beat the school record my senior year,” Kahler commented. 

   Conditioning will end as the season starts to approach in March. Go ahead and make sure to cheer them on once the season starts!