Kids Against Hunger- raising money to help those in need

Kids Against Hunger- raising money to help those in need

Riley Weaver, Staff writer

  Kids Against Hunger is a nonprofit organization owned by Richard Proudfi. It was established with the mission to reduce the number of hungry children in the United States and to feed starving children throughout the world.

 The organization also sends food to those in need after disasters. For example, they sent food to those who experienced Hurricane Katrina and even to the people who are suffering through the wildfires in Australia.

   The foundation strives to help everyone in need and with the help of schools and community raising money that can easily achieve whatever they need to. 

   This year, Lakeview is holding an open-gym fundraiser to raise money while also promoting physical activity. The goal for this year is to raise $2,800 and package 10,000 meals. The goal for previous years was $5,200 and 20,000 meals, but they have lowered it in order to make it more attainable.

   Lakeview has been raising money for this program for 10 continuous years and don’t plan on stopping any time soon. In fact, they plan to progress on the open gym idea in years to come.

    “When we first came up with the open gym idea, we planned for it to be a lot bigger. We wanted the pool and cafeteria to be open for students to be able to swim and eat snacks on their free half-day, but because we had so little time and not enough people, we could only open up the gym for basketball and volleyball. We plan on making this event bigger and more fun for future fundraisers,” said Heather Huber, vice principal, main supporter and organizer.

   Lakeview is also holding another fundraiser on Jan. 15 at National Coney Island. 

   According to the Kids Against Hunger website, every one dollar can produce four malnutrition “fight meals”. They raise annually about $66,000 a year which equals out to 285,120 meals that they package and send to people in need. Since the organization has been around since around 1999, they have provided a total of 162 millions meals for families all around the globe.

   Lakeview will continue to help raise money for the Kids Against Hunger organization by holding fundraisers such as the ones coming up on the 15th and 25th. As long as the group keeps getting support from people all around the world, they can continue to feed those in need.