Teachers continue Sunshine Committee

Teachers continue Sunshine Committee

Kinasha Kendrick, Staff writer

    For 2 years now, teachers and staff members have been participating in the Sunshine committee. This committee is run by teachers and the purpose of it is to bring joy to staff members. Teachers would leave cute things in each other’s mailboxes or even put up post-it notes to talk about how much they appreciate each other. They have cook-offs, bake-offs, and other activities to bond with each other. More staff members are starting to join in on this bonding time and are contributing to making activities.

    Teachers believe this is an opportunity to get to know other teachers,

“I’m still a new teacher so getting to know all of these teachers does a lot. Every staff member is nice and overall there’s a lot of positivity during those times. I appreciate everyone in the staff and I think Sunshine Committee is a good thing to be apart of,” explained Elizabeth Curd, teacher cadet teacher at Lakeview.

   Last year, the committee had a cook- off and teachers voted for who had the best chilli. This year, teachers are planning on axe-throwing. This week staff is doing a secret santa and will be exchanging gifts before Christmas break. 

   The main purpose of the committee seems to be to bring out the positivity in being a teacher. Those who aren’t overly friendly with everyone even has an opportunity to receive something that could make their days.

   “We do a lot of fun activities so that we can get to know each other a little better. To see smiles on teachers’ faces really does make my days better. A Lot of the time we get really stressed out by everything thrown as us. To wake up one morning and see a twix in your mailbox or a note, it really brings joy and positivity to us,” stated Sharada Sharp, art teacher. 

   Some teachers who stay to themselves often, even come out to participate in these activities. 

   “I’m more of one of the anti-social teachers here. I do mainly stay to myself and I don’t really talk to any staff outside of work, but participating in the committee does make me feel a little more in the loop. Activities here are exciting during Christmas time, and although I’m not sure of the activity we have going on after this,” said Jennifer Findlay, English teacher.

   Teachers do a lot for students, so it’s only fair that they get something in return, even if it’s from fellow staff.