Moon Beams for Sweet Dreams


Morgan Kimm, Staff writer

 Moon Beams for Sweet Dreams is a program created by Beaumont Children’s Pediatric council, taking place at Beaumont Children’s Hospital in Royal Oak. 

  The program has been going on for three consecutive years. It take place Dec. 1-25, starting at 8pm. All are welcome to gather outside the pediatric facility to shine lights into the hospital windows. The patients, in turn, stand in the windows shining lights back for about 10-20 minutes. 

  The program was created because most of the children staying in the ICU (intensive care unit) can’t leave their rooms. They felt that it was important that the children were given extra love and support especially around the time of the holidays. 

  Lilliana Mazaway, ‘21 is one student who has attended the event so far this year.

  “I went on Sunday the 14th,” stated Mazawey, “I thought it was a really cool experience. We all gathered at the hospital and brought lights. I liked it because we got to wave at the kids showing that we were thinking of them and praying for them. I think this was a cool thing because if I were in the hospital I would want to know that people from the outside care about me.

  Mazewey agreed that this was a great family holiday event.

  “I went with my family to this event. We all really enjoyed it and found that it was extremely sentimental to us. My sister was in the hospital this past June and then again in July. She was in the ICU right where this takes place outside of. Going there was an experience that my family was very thankful for. We wanted to go and show to the families on the inside now that we are standing from the outside. These families need all the love and support that they can get. It is especially nice to have around the time of the holidays.” 

  Mazewey did feel that MoonBeams for Sweet Dreams makes a difference. 

  “I really do believe that seeing the lights makes the children happy. I hope that it provides them with a sense of comfort and helps to cheer them up during this holiday season.”

  Moon Beams for Sweet Dreams is a great way to bring our community together. This 25 day event that lasts throughout the duration of December is a pleasant opportunity to spread holiday cheer especially to the families who need it most.