Juice Wrld’s death affects Lakeview students


Aili Mayfield, Staff writer

   On Monday, Dec.8, American rapper Juice Wrld passed away after having a seizure in the Chicago Midway International Airport. As of now, he supposedly swallowed several unknown pills that seem to have triggered the seizure. However, nothing has been completely confirmed as the cause of death. 

   Juice Wrld’s music was loved by many young people, and Lakeview’s students are no exception. 

   When they first heard of his death, many students did not want to believe it.

   “I was really upset, and I didn’t really know what to do. He was such a big influence on me and my friends, and he didn’t deserve to die,” said Bella Alvarez, ‘21.

   Students also sought additional information and sources to confirm the rumor.

   “I didn’t believe it at first at all. I saw it on Instagram and looked it up to see if it was real, and when I saw that it was I was very shocked,” explained Brendan Hicks, ‘21. 

   Through his music, Juice Wrld was able to help and connect with people, which is one reason why he was so admired. 

   “He was different from many other artists because he helped a lot of people through tough times with his music. His music was relatable, and he changed a lot of people’s perspectives about life,” Ryan Cantin, ‘20 stated. 

   Juice Wrld was also said to be unproblematic, and have a genuine passion for what he did.  

   “He wasn’t into drama. He was unproblematic. He just loved people and he loved what he did. He didn’t ever seem to do it for the fame or money, but because he found his purpose in it,” Alvarez said. 

   Not only was his music considered helpful to people going through tough times, but it was also very popular because of how catchy and unique it was.  

   “He had a knack for making super catchy hooks. He combined singing and rapping in a way that not everyone can,” stated Hicks.

   Juice wrld was extremely influential in the music world and is considered a legend to many. 

   “Juice set high standards. I think he made a community where people would feel safe through his music and lyrics. He made music that brought people together, and music that people could relate to,” explained Alvarez.   

   Although he is gone, Juice Wrld’s music will live on, and he will not be forgotten.