Disney presents High School Musical-the Musical-the Series!


Riley Weaver, Staff writer

   As children, most people watched the Disney original movies like StarStruck, Lemonade Mouth, and High School Musical. Now, Disney has decided to bring back a family favorite by making one of them a television series. Disney presents High School Musical the Musical the Series.

   The show takes place at East High school, where the original movies were also produced, in Salt Lake City, Utah. It follows Miss Jen, the newly enrolled drama teacher, being astonished that the students had never put together a reenactment of High School Musical. After the idea gets passed, auditions are held and the cast in made. When exes Ricky and Nini get the roles of Gabriela and Troy, drama unfolds amongst the cast. With opening night coming shortly, the show is on the rocks as the problems just keep coming.

   Episodes are released every Friday at 12:00 pm. As of right now, only five episodes are available to the public. The only place to view it is on Disney+ at the moment.

   The show has caused controversy among the original High School Musical lovers. Some love the idea and believe that the remake is refreshing. Others however believe it to be a horrible idea that should have been left at the original movies. 

   “The idea is flawed because the people who grew up watching the movies and those who loved them, have all grown up. It was really good while it lasted, but I think the show is tainting the movies. It should have been left where it ended,” Sydney Weaver, ’20 stated. 

   Now not all of the original movie watchers hate the show idea. Some love the idea of getting to see their favorite high school movies remade into something more modern.

   “I really like the twist they added on the plot. It is super cool to see. I also really liked all the new drama surrounding the show. It’s such a good idea because now the people who didn’t watch the original movies get a little piece of it,” stated Tera Byers, ’23.

   The show truly is a major controversy amongst the original movie watchers. Half love the idea and can’t get enough of it, while the other half thinks it dulls the sparkle and ruins the whole concept. 

   Whether or not the original movie watchers likes the idea, 2.3 people viewed the first episode when it aired on ABC: 474,000 people watched it on Disney channel and 293,000 people viewed it on Freeform. Bringing the total of viewers to around 2.8 million. The show has no intention to stop as it is still being released weekly. So jump onto the bandwagon while you still can and enjoy the remake of a classic Disney original.