Coach Threet wins Coach of the Year


Kinasha Kendrick, Staff writer

    Patrick Threet, a football coach and Computer Applications teacher, won Macomb’s Coach of the Year, and it’s a pretty big achievement. It was announced in the Macomb Daily and Lakeview staff is very excited about it. 

   Threet has been coaching for 26 years and is still enjoying it. The football team this year did great and he continues to motivate them to do their best and work hard even on their off season. Threet guided Lakeview to a second consecutive playoff, the first time the Huskies have been in back-to-back postseason tournaments. Lakeview won eight games, the most since at least 1950.

   Though he didn’t expect to win, he is still honored to have won this title,

   “I didn’t expect to win; there’s a lot of great coaches in Macomb County. It’s a team thing. We have great players, and I have great assistant coaches so they’re also the reason for this. The team this year did great and I am proud of them, ” said Patrick Threet, coach at Lakeview.

   His players were satisfied with his achievement and thought highly of it. 

   “Coach is a great, disciplined coach. Him being motivational to our grade since we were sophomores helped push us to want to do better and eventually we all got right physically and mentally. He’s dedicated countless hours towards us and helped us achieve more.  I feel it’s only right that he won coach of the year, another record setting team at this school for him,” stated Joe Williams, ‘20. 

   Players are starting to work out for next season already.

   “In order to be the best I can be, I have to start working out now. Next season, I’ll be a senior so I’m getting ready for those times. I’m looking forward to working with my fellow players and being where I need to be before September,” says Brody Elias, ‘21.

   Football players appreciate the way that Threet coaches and feels he deserved this award,

   “I feel he’s a great coach, very disciplined, and deserved to win. We hit adversity early on in our season and we kept it together and won 7 straight games. He is the best coach anyone can have and I’ll always think back to how much he pushed me. I appreciate Coach like he’s family,” explained Zach Riley, ‘20. 

   Patrick Threet is humble about this award and is still planning on coaching for many more years. Football players continue to give their all for future seasons, so this may not be the last award of Coach Threet.