The 100: From the pages to the screen

The 100: From the pages to the screen

Hailey Cingel, Staff writer

   The 100 is a series written by Kass Morgan and was produced for television by The CW. The story takes place in a futuristic dystopia, where the remainder of the human race lives in space. 

   Morgan wrote four books for the series, but the story line between all four books does not match up with the televised version.The first novel in the series explains the journey for a few of the juvenile delinquents that are sent to Earth, and provides insights into their past lives through flashbacks. 

   The second novel in Morgan’s series, titled Day 21, goes more in depth on the possible side effects to Earth’s still-toxic air. Clarke and her band of friends discover more about the people who stayed on Earth through the Cataclysm. 

   In comparison to the TV show, the book doesn’t go into depth on the roots of the Earth group. Unlike the series, there are no tribes or major conflicts between groups. 

   For Morgan’s third book, Homecoming, the rest of the human race comes back to Earth.  Again, the plot was simple and included much less drama than the CW version.      

   In the book series, Clarke’s origin story is altered dramatically. During the show, Clarke reveals that her father was sent to death for questionable scientific processes, while in the books both parents were sent to Earth as a secret. 

   During Morgan’s last book, the 100 and the rest of the colonists face struggles as they begin to settle permanently on their new home planet.

   As a fan of the televised version for years, the book series wasn’t nearly as entertaining. There were few plot twists, so the books were all very predictable. Fan favorite Octavia was a fourteen year old girl in the books, which brings a loss of interest for some. The character Lexa does not exist, which eliminates Clarke’s struggle to find who she is. 

   Overall, Morgan’s series was dry and boring compared to the televised version. There are several plots and storylines missing from the book series that are fan-favorites for many.