Lakeview wrestlers cut weight for meet


Morgan Kimm, Staff writer

  In order to wrestle in their first meet on Dec. 14th against Lincoln, Lakeview wrestlers are encouraged to cut weight in order to be in their weight class for the meet. Some of these wrestlers going to extremes in order to cut weight. This includes dieting and excessive exercise to shed high amounts of weight in just a few days. 

  It is not surprising that many of these wrestlers find cutting weight extremely hard to do. 

  Shamar Askin, ‘21 stated, “It’s not difficult to cut weight but it is at the same time. It’s hard to see other people around you with food when you are on a diet. But if you stop thinking about it, it’s easier to get the weight off.” 

  He continued, “In order to make weight I have to cut 13 pounds. This past Sunday I was at 148 lbs; today I am 137 and soon I will have to be 135. I eat proteins like chicken, ham, and turkey. I also eat lots of vegetables. I also work out a lot when cutting. We do a lot of running. Also we wrestle in layers of clothing in order to help us sweat more.

  Askin said, “I think I will be able to cut weight. If I fail to do so I will have to move up a weight class.”

  Many of the wrestlers can agree that cutting weight is mentally challenging. 

  Kenneth Soderberg, ‘21 stated, “It’s really hard to cut because you really can’t eat a lot. Adjusting your diet is difficult and because you’re losing weight so quickly; you feel really sluggish and poor mentally.”

  Soderberg said, “In order for me to make my weight class, I must lose ten pounds. I have been eating a lot less and drinking an extreme amount of water. There have been days this week that I have drank two gallons of water.” 

  He continued, “I have been wearing lots of layers during practice and even while I run after practice. I’m trying to run a lot to help sweat it out of my system. I eventually will get where I need to be it just takes patience.” 

  There are fourteen possible weight classes to be placed into. It is easy to see that the path to cutting weight for the wrestlers is not easy. But, it is achievable and is just a regular part of their season.