Lakeview adds another All-State athlete


Nicole Cantin, Staff writer

   In late November, the state of Michigan held their state swim meet. Competing for Lakeview was sophomore Elly Belmore.

   On Nov. 22 and 23 at Oakland University, Belmore competed in the 200m Individual Medley and the 100m breaststroke against girls from schools all across the state. 

   She gained a state title, placing first in the 100m breaststroke with a time of 1:04:32 and second in the 200m IM at 2:06:27.

   But she did not make that type of accomplishment without lots of hard work. 

   “I had morning practices three days a week for an hour and a half and then practice Monday through Saturday for 2 hours. For the week leading up, I went on a no sugar diet and cut out all junk food,” said Belmore.

   A good athlete should have dedication and passion towards their sport and be willing to work hard for their goals. Elly is the definition of a great athlete.

   “I was nervous leading up to it, but there were no real concerns. I just love the thrill of racing,” stated Belmore. 

   Elly has lots of individual success, but she also has lots of teammates that look forward to winning titles together as a team.

   “Elly as a teammate is amazing. She’s caring, encouraging, and just makes practices genuinely more enjoyable by cracking jokes and just always have fun,” expressed Lexi Hey, ‘21.

   With achieving such great things as only a sophomore, people wonder what goals she holds next.

   “Next year I hope to get All-American, which is where you have to meet a certain time and they then take the top 100 in the country, and I also hope to get first in the state again,” explained Belmore. 

   Since this event, Belmore has received praise from all her friends, family, coaches, and teachers. There is no one who deserves this title more. Everyone wishes Elly nothing but luck on reaching her goals.