Lakeview Student Council attends Regional Leadership meeting


Aili Mayfield, Staff writer

   On Monday Dec.2, members of Lakeview’s student council attended the regional leadership conference. This is a meeting where many student councils from schools present and view showcases about ways to improve leadership and skills within their student council. 

   At the conference, Lakeview’s Executive Board (Eboard), consisting of five students, presented their showcase about how to plan and execute a successful pep assembly.

   “We talked about how to start a pep assembly and all of the behind the scenes work. For example, meeting with your advisors and getting participants are all things that go into creating a successful pep assembly,” stated vice president Nick Rzeppa,’20. 

   Part of the meeting also included listening to other schools present about ways they improve their school.

   “One school talked about how they do something called “Kindness Week” to make their school environment a better place,” explained Eboard communications Leah Sargeant, ‘20. 

  In addition, students were able to take good ideas away from the meeting and learn from other presentations. 

   “Something we liked from one of the other presentations is how they start their meetings by introducing an ice breaker. We are going to start doing this to get people thinking about leadership,” Rzeppa said. 

   Natalie Bowen, Student Council advisor, also went to the meeting and met with other leaders.

   “I had meetings with other advisors about the state conference and the voting process for student presentations. Every school was able to cast four votes for the student presentations they thought were the best. The top four presentations chosen get to present their ideas to the 2,000 person state conference in February,” Bowen stated. 

  Like last year, Lakeview’s Eboard was selected to go to the state conference, which is a huge accomplishment. Not only do they get to attend, but they also have the opportunity to present on a higher, more advanced level. 

   As an advisor, Bowen is looking forward to helping to prepare her students for states, and continuing to better the Student Council program. 

  “I’m looking forward to having a successful state conference, helping my students get their presentation ready for the conference, and implementing some new activities next year for Lakeview’s student council,” said Bowen

   Eboard members are really excited to go to states, and are looking forward to expand their skills.

   “It is a really cool experience to be able to go to the state conference, and I am really glad that we were selected to present our ideas there,” Sargeant explained.