Lakeview band students go to CMU workshop

Lakeview band students go to CMU workshop

Zachary Kahler, Staff writer

   On Nov. 22, 17 band students on a three-hour trip to Central Michigan University for a band workshop. The students that chose to go worked from nine in the morning to three in the afternoon on trying to perfect their skills on the instrument they play. 

   Some of the students who chose to go included Lily D’Herde,‘20; Nathan Mozel,‘20; Sydney Weaver,‘20; Nathan Wojcinski,‘21; Jacob Kahler,‘21; and Collin Mall,‘22. They were all accompanied by parent chaperones that spent the entire day with them. Jodi Thompson, the band director, was one of them.

      Each student going met early in the morning at the school to begin a carpool. The kids were split into four cars with their friends. In order to keep costs for the field trip down, the parent chaperones drove.

   “I was able to ride with Mrs.Thompson and her husband along with some of my best friends,” Jacob kahler,‘21 stated. “I rode with Nathan Wojcinksi, Zachary Kahler, Sydney Weaver, and Jack Thompson.”

   Once everyone got to CMU, they all went to the Staples Auditorium. This is where Marybeth Minnis, the assistant director of the School of Music for CMU, introduced the program and schedule for the day.

   From 9-10:15, each group would have their individual classes with their instructors. Then at 10:30 the instructors and some of their students would perform in ensembles, small groups of musicians playing together, for the high school students. Lunch break would be from 11:45-1, and then students would return for the next round of classes until 2. The camp would end with the CMU Orchestra and Symphonic Wind Ensemble performing a concert.

   The director of the bands, Chris Chapman, then came on stage after the briefing and taught everyone how to conduct before sending them to classes.

   “I really enjoyed my classes at the workshop. My professor, Neil Mueller, taught me lots of new things like techniques on buzzing, how to transpose music into different keys, and how to improve on my range on my trumpet,” Mall commented. 

   After the workshop, the students and chaperones went to the CMU gift shop and Pixie, a restaurant decorated in 1950’s memorabilia. 

   “It was really fun there. They had a gumball machine that would let you get a free Pixie Stick if you got a yellow one. I spent so much to get a yellow gumball,” Mall joked. 

   The day ended with another three hour car ride home. Everyone commented on how they had an amazing day at CMU and that they would go again if they could. 

   “My experience was amazing. My percussion instructor was wonderful, I got to learn cool tricks to bring back to my section, and I got to hangout with some of my best friends,” Kahler stated.