Inside scoop of what it’s like to be signed: Megan Paczas Edition


Kayla Bellow, Staff writer

   Every year students have the opportunity to be signed by colleges because of their athletic ability. This year, senior Megan Paczas, a golfer for Lakeview High School, had the difficult decision of choosing what college to attend in the Fall of 2020.

   Paczas has been playing golf since she was five years old, but it wasn’t until freshman year when she pondered on the idea of playing golf in college. 

   Paczas had received many offers from colleges such as Adrian College, Concordia University, Albion College, and Lawerence University. However. Out of all her options, Siena Heights University really stood out to her. 

   Paczas stated, “I picked Siena Heights because I really loved their program, their coach, the school, and I really loved their campus.”

   When picking a school, she also took into consideration that they offered the degree she wants to study. 

   Paczas said, “I want to study psychology or something with criminal justice. I chose Siena Heights over any other school because of their golf program, not necessarily what they have to offer for school, but they really do have a good schooling program.”

   The golf season at Siena Heights is during the spring and fall. Lots of prep and training goes into each season. Training typically starts two weeks before college classes start and continues into the winter. After training, each player tries out to determine what team they will be on. 

   ”Siena Heights has different levels for golf within their program. There is an ‘A’ and ‘B’ team. The ‘B’ team usually plays towards the end of the season or when there is a player hurt,” Paczas explained. 

   Being signed is a stressful time and requires a lot of patience. 

  “I am happy to finally be signed, it was a weight lifted off my shoulder,” Paczas said. 

   Paczas is a very dedicated and gifted golfer. She would succeed at any school, but that Siena Heights is lucky to have her on their team.