State Conference is a great learning and bonding experience for Student Council members


Molly Anderson, Staff writer

From Feb. 29 to March 2, 2019 a group of Lakeview Student Council members will attend the 2019 State Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The trip is arranged by Student Council advisers Natalie Bowen and Stephanie Givinsky. Information and application forms were provided at the most recent Student Council meeting on Nov. 14. This exclusive opportunity will be available to a limited amount of council members.

   The State Conference is an opportunity for student council representatives and members to grow their experience with leadership and of course develop stronger relationships within the council. Bowen gave an outline of what the State Conference is and what it entails.

   “The State Conference is a gathering of student councils and honor societies from across the state. Everybody gets together in Grand Rapids for a weekend to share the best of the best. Presentations are given by students about different changes they can make at their school,” said Bowen.

   From the student’s perspective, States is the perfect opportunity to spend time with people of similar interests.

   “States is basically just a super fun time with super awesome people. It’s a weekend full of kids who love being involved in school and who are really positive and are go-getters,” stated Leah Sargeant, ‘20, a member of Eboard who attended the conference last year.

   There are a lot of different activities that students participate in during the weekend.

   “There’s an opening ceremony, a dance party that everyone has on Sunday night that is usually really fun for the students, there’s dress up days that go with the theme for the year, and then students go around and listen to other schools give presentations about different things that they do within their student council,” said Bowen.

   Each year, the goal of students going to states is for them to be inspired, feel more connected, and to have developed new ideas for the school.

   “For us at Lakeview, our mission is to meet new people and network because it’s always good to branch out of your comfort zone. We also want them to learn a little bit about themselves and who they are as leaders, and what they can do to improve and set goals for themselves. For example, four years ago, we had students go to states and see a presentation on Charity week, and that inspired us to get our Charity week started here,” stated Bowen.

   The trip is a great bonding experience for those who attend, bringing together all the council members.

   “It’s so fun, even if you don’t know a lot of people, that’s the weekend that you get to get close with the student council people,” said Libby Anderson, ‘19, former Lakeview student and Eboard president who attended the conference her junior and senior year. 

   Sargeant shared some of her favorite parts about the trip.

   “The best part of states is probably meeting people that care about school just like you. It can be hard to do that at Lakeview since not everyone cares as much about things like homecoming, pep assemblies, and charity week, but the kids that are at states really do care about all those things too. So it’s fun to meet people who share the same interests as you,” explained Sargeant.

   With the deadline to turn in application forms coming up, Anderson shared her opinion on why states is not an opportunity to pass up.

   “If you aren’t sure if you should go, just go, because if you’re interested in becoming a higher representative in your class or on Eboard, you will come back with the skills to become a better leader. It’s also just a ton of fun and you make a lot of great memories,” stated Anderson.