November Student of the Month


Morgan Kimm, Staff writer

    Each month at Lakeview, a student is chosen to be recognized as student of the month. These students are recognized for their hardwork in the classroom.  Lauren Elya has been awarded Student of the Month for November. Elya is a ninth grader and has been nominated by two of her teachers: history teacher Shane Smith and art teacher Kathrine Schuur. 

   Elya was very excited to be recognized as student of the month.

   “At first I was very surprised because I didn’t know that we did student of the month, but once I found out, I was shocked. The principal called me down and I was scared that I did something wrong, but once I was told I was really happy that my hard work was recognized,” said Elya. 

   Elya was very humble about the entire experience; she loves that she was recognized for all of her hard work.

   “It feels good to finally be recognized for my hard work. I won student of the month back at my other school, but it was much smaller. I guess it’s just nice to stand out in front of a larger crowd and to be awarded for my work,” stated Elya.

   Smith, her history teacher, also had many positive things to say about Elya. 

   “I nominated Lauren because she works hard. She asks really good questions and she is able to answer whatever questions I ask her. She gives more than the average one to two-word answers and she reads at a college level. She has nearly %100 in all of her classes,” explained Smith.

   Smith also believes that she stands out compared to most of his other students. 

   “There are a few girls in class who are very similar to Lauren. I often group them together because I feel that they are able to bounce off each other for new ideas and understandings. Lauren works ahead. She finishes all of her work early, usually days at a time. She really is a nice kid and is just a pleasure to have in class,” said Smith.

   Smith also mentions that Elya has many great qualities, but he believes that her best one truly is her reading comprehension skills. 

   “I do believe that her best quality is her reading comprehension skills. Like I said before, she reads at an extremely high reading level. I believe that when you read really well you are able to answer higher reading level questions. And that is what helps make her such a great student,” stated Smith. 

  Elya is seen to be a phenomenal student by all of her teachers. Although, it may be a surprise to her, it was not shocking to anyone else that she was declared student of the month for the month of November.