Is Disney + really worth all the hype?

Nicole Cantin, Staff writer

    On Nov. 12, Disney + officially launched. When Disney first announced that all it’s classics would be found in one place, people went crazy. While some couldn’t wait to rewatch their childhood, others were skeptical of the idea.

   On Disney + anything can be found from 90’s classics to beloved musicals to Marvel and Star Wars. On this new app, there’s something enjoyable for everyone.

   “I started watching ‘Suite Life of Zack and Cody’.  It’s such a fun show to watch especially because it’s from such a long time ago. I like that I am able to watch it anytime and everyday. It’s brought back many memories of when I was a kid,” stated Evan Konsek, ‘21.

   Before Disney + was in existence, it was near impossible to find the beloved movies and T.V shows that made up so many people’s childhood. Now you can go back in time with just a click of a button. 

   “I absolutely love the old Disney Channel shows like ‘The Suite Life of Zack and Cody’ and ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ and the fact that I can watch them at any time that’s convenient for me is really cool,” exclaimed Jessica Schneider, ‘20.

   One is capable of streaming everything Disney + has to offer for seven dollars a month. For Verizon customers, their first year is free. However, for those who do not have that deal, they want to make sure they’re not wasting precious time and money on something that truly isn’t worth it.   

   “To be able to have all your favorite cinematic moments, happy or sad, available in one place is definitely worth the money in my opinion,” expressed Schneider.

   “It has all the movies I used to watch growing up and all the new ones. I don’t regret spending a single dime on it,” said Julia Dillenbeck, ‘22.

   So far Disney + has been living up to all the hype it’s been receiving. People of all ages have been absolutely loving this blast to the past and will continue to utilize all it has to offer.