Wattpad writer’s book becomes a published sensation

Wattpad writer’s book becomes a published sensation

Hailey Cingel, Staff writer

   The Kissing Booth, by Beth Reekles, is a story about teenage love and struggles. The book came out in 2012, when Reekles was only seventeen. The book was then published and later turned into a Netflix film. 

   The Netflix adaptation of the book was released in early 2018. The movie stars Joey King as Elle Evans, and Jacob Elordi as Noah Flynn. 

   Elle is a high school student, who spends all of her time with her best friend, Lee. The pair follow a list of rules to keep their friendship as positive as they can. Their rules include simple things, like buying each other ice cream to apologize, or to never put someone else above their best friend.  All goes well with their rules, until Lee’s older brother Flynn steps into the picture. 

   Flynn is a senior with a bad-boy reputation. Elle and Flynn kiss for the first time by surprise. The student council put on a fair, and Elle is running the kissing booth with other girls from her class, when Flynn surprises her by showing up. 

   The pair face a struggle throughout the novel to hide their relationship from Lee, which causes further tension between the couple and tension between best friends and brothers. 

   While the plot of the book was good, the writing style was extremely poor. Reekles was a young and new writer at the time, but her Wattpad novel was only a success by chance. 

   None of Reekles word choice is above the level of a child, and the structure of the book is poor. Reekles skims over the story, instead of going into depth with the relationship between the three. 

   This book was enjoyable to read, but only in a way that the book was one you could cringe about. Reekles could’ve done much better with the novel if she had added more detail and intricate language. 

   As for a sequel, a second book has been released. Going The Distance, by Beth Reekles, was released earlier this year. Netflix will be adapting this movie, and releasing a sequel film in the spring of 2020.