The preschool teachers each receive $750


Riley Weaver, Staff writer

   Preschool teachers in the Lakeview school district recently received the chance to obtain a large sum of money to aid their classroom. The grant is worth $750, but with a generous donation from the Lion’s club, every teacher who received the grant also received an extra $100. This money can be spent on anything, as long as it helps the children’s education. 

   “I used my grant money to enhance the dramatic play center. So like, get new puppets and a new stage for the children to play on,” Janet Brady, a teacher in the Lakeview preschool department. 

   Other teachers used their grant for things like their kitchen areas and libraries. The teachers have to decide what they will spend the money on before they can receive the votes from the parents, so the parents can decide whether or not it is necessary. Sometimes, the whole school will put the money together and get bigger things like new equipment for the gym or new books for the school library. 

   “Restocking the gym made the kids so happy because they had new balls and basketball hoops to play with and it was such an amazing sight to see,” Heather Weaver, another preschool teacher in the Lakeview district.

   All of the teachers have their own reasons to try for the grant, but a lot of them do it in order to see their students enjoy coming to school.

   “Last year when I received the grant, I used it to restock the art department and the smiles on the kids faces when they saw new stuff instead of the same old art supplies really made me happy and made me so grateful for the opportunity,” Tamik Kuykendall a teacher in the Lakeview preschool department.

   The teachers in the preschool department are very glad that they get to try for a grant year after year and to be able to continue helping their students learn in the best way possible.