Millennials create new phrase to get back at older generations


Ben Dembinski, Staff writer

   The phrase,”Ok, Boomer,” is used as a response to anything the user has deemed old-fashioned or outdated.

   The phrase had skyrocketed in popularity, especially in the Millennial and Z generations and is derived from the name given to the generation which lasted from 1946 to 1965, aka the “Baby Boomers.”

   The saying was created to give the younger generations, mainly millennials, a quick, easy-to-say response to anything that may seem outdated or wrong. 

   There is no malice meant in the phrase; it is just a quick, simple response to anyone older who says something they believe is old-fashioned.

   Lakeview students and staff have their own opinions on the new phrase.

   US History teacher Paul Goike, a baby boomer himself, said, ”It really doesn’t bother me, I even have a few students who call me ‘Boomer’ every now and then.”

   Goike continued, ”I don’t see it as disrespectful at all, because I look at the source and say, ’Ok millennial’ or ’Ok Gen z’.”

   Some baby boomers have taken offense to the phrase, citing that younger people should respect their elders. One of these people is English teacher Brian Burnett, part of Gen X, who said, ” I saw an article on CNN about it. Personally I am not a boomer, but I can see how baby boomers could take offense to it.” 

   Burnett continued,” I mean the phrase ‘ok’ in regards to when an older person tells you something important could easily convey the wrong message and seem like they’re brushing the advice/statement off.”

   Kurt Miley, a fellow member of Gen X, said, ”I have seen the videos and they’re hilarious.” Miley continued,”I think the cycle of making fun of the next and previous generations will continue. It’s too hard not to.” 

   Anthony Savalle, English teacher and a member of the millennial generation,expressed, “ I have only recently heard about this ‘ok boomer’ thing. I mean if somebody called me a boomer, I would take it as them calling me old and I would just brush it off. Savalle continued,”I have seen some videos where students have called their teacher boomer and the reactions are funny.”

   Junior James O’Hara, an avid internet user, said,” It’s a great phrase and it’s funny to see the boomer’s reaction when you say it to them.” O’Hara continued, ”I mean, who says it can’t happen to our generation, Gen Z, what are our grandchildren going to call us, ‘Zoomer’?’”