Inside scoop on the Lakeview newspaper


Zachary Kahler, Staff writer

   At Lakeview, students have the opportunity to take a writing publications class and produce stories for the newspaper. Publications is a class that writers can sign up to take the following year. In this class, students conduct interviews and write stories based on events that happened at the school or in our community for the school’s online newspaper, The Husky. At, readers can learn about interesting events that have happened at Lakeview such as band performances, sports events, student features, and clubs that have started. 

   “I’ve been teaching this class for about seven years now. Each year, even each semester, I’ve changed how the class is run. I expect our readers to be entertained and informed,” explained Anthony Savalle, English teacher and adviser of The Husky.

   Each member of the class begins as a staff writer. This means that they will be the ones going out to collect information for entertaining stories and then writing about them. At least one individual is appointed to be the editor. At the moment, Leah Sargeant, ‘20 is the chief editor and Aili Mayfield, ‘21 is assistant editor when Sargeant is out. Each staff writer gives their first draft of their stories to Sargeant or Mayfield to be revised. They leave comments in the margins to help fix mistakes such as grammar or missing information in order to make the articles top notch. 

   “I am in charge of looking over the writers’ first draft of their stories and either leaving comments on how to fix their stories or fixing minor errors myself. It’s a really big responsibility, but it’s really fun because I’ve been in the newspaper since my sophomore year, and it’s great to see that all of my hard work paid off,” Sargeant commented.

   With each story, the writers fill out what is called a tracking sheet. This sheet is where they plan everything that goes into their stories. They write down who they will interview, what questions they want to ask, and any other information that would help make their stories perfect. The writers hand in the tracking sheet with their stories to Sargeant or Mayfield for revisions. The tracking sheet acts like a rubric for every story. 

   The last thing that the staff writer will do is they finally give the tracking sheet and revised story to Savalle. He reads through the story one last time and either say that the story is finished with no further revisions necessary, or he gives the tracking sheet back to the writer to fix certain errors that slipped through. Savalle acts as the lead editor of the entire class. Nothing that is not publish-ready or that does not meet his expectations gets past him. 

   “It’s about information that the reader does not have and may want to have. It doesn’t have to be the most interesting topic; it could be a controversial story or something fun like a new restaurant opening in Saint Clair Shores. A good story gives me what I don’t know already,” stated Savalle.

   The final step of the writing process is the news story getting published. This is the editor’s job. Sargeant uploads the writer’s story as well as the photo that goes with it to The Husky. This is where all of the past articles that have been written by staff writers are located for public reading. A wide range of stories are in this website that anyone can enjoy. 

   Writing for the Lakeview newspaper is a really enjoyable task. This class is meant for the hidden journalists in the student body who are interested in showing off their writing skills.

   “This class isn’t meant for everyone; you have to enjoy writing and be motivated to go out and get the information. If you are a good writer and enjoy doing it, then this class is for you. Keep it on your radar when scheduling comes around,” Ben Dembinski, ‘21 said.