The inside scoop of Mary Holton’s role as student representative


Kayla Bellow, Staff writer

   Mary Holton is the student representative for the 2019-2020 school year.

   The role as a student representative is to go to all the board meetings and talk to all of the principals of the schools in Lakeview’s district. He or she gets updates about all of the things that are going on at the various schools. The updates received are then drafted and reported at the general meeting each month. 

   Principal Scott Kapla chooses the representative each year and this year he chose senior Mary Holton. She was informed of being elected as this role in June. 

   Kapla believed she was a good candidate to be this year’s student representative because she is also the Executive Board President. Eboard consists of students from Lakeview that represent the school and help run school events. Holton is a very responsible student and makes sure everything she does is done thoroughly. 

   Being a student representative is a challenging, yet rewarding role within the Lakeview school community.

   Holton stated, “I really enjoyed this job. It is a very good opportunity to practice my leadership skills and apply the skills I have learned to a larger audience such as the Board of Education. It is kind of crazy to think I have made it this far in my high school career, but it is a rewarding experience.”

   The job of a student representative is an amazing opportunity, but it can come with many challenges.

   Holton said, “The most challenging part of this job is getting responses from the staff. It can sometimes be difficult to make sure I have everything in order when I don’t always get responses to the emails I send out. Sometimes the responses are so last minute that I don’t get answers until hours before the meeting. This can be stressful, but I manage.”

   There is some prep work that Holton has to do before each board meeting.

   Holton explained, “I have to make a report each month that is about two minutes long. I then read this report to the board, which takes about five minutes. This can be very nerve racking to be standing in front of many teachers and parents. To calm these nerves I do box breathing. It really helps to fake it, to pretend you’re not nervous even though you really are.”

  The student representative becomes a role model for high school students. Student representative is not an easy task, but Mary Hilton is the perfect person for the job.