Student council attends TED X Detroit


Claire Lamay, Staff writer

   On Nov. 6, a TED x Detroit event, where speakers come together to speak on what they’re passionate about, was held at the Masonic Temple. Lakeview students who are a part of student council attended this event with their supervisors, Ms. Givinsky and Mrs. Bowen.

   Mary Holton,‘20, said she had a great time attending the event. 

   “The speakers were intriguing and you are able to listen with ease. Even though the event is long, you never get bored,” explained Holton.  

   All of the speakers attending the event were Detroit natives, helping the audience feel a sense of community. 

   According to Bowen, there was an array of topics in which the speakers covered, such as science, pollution, water quality, relationships, kindness, being a good neighbor, financial responsibility, sickle cell anemia, and technology. 

   Having a wide variety of topics to hear about also helps the audience remain interested in those presenting. 

    One of the TED presenters had visited every country in the world, and spoke about her experiences in places most people will never be able to say they’ve visited. 

    TED talks give people insight into the experiences and livelihood of those around them. A lot of people don’t get the same experiences as their peers, so when you get an opportunity to see what others go through, it opens up your mind. Hearing about others also helps you learn new things you never knew before and build your own knowledge based on that of others. 

    “It really opened up my perspective on the experiences that carry others through their lives,” said Holton,’20.

   The event started at 8 am and went all the way to 5:30 pm. The large time frame allows the audience to hear even more of a variety of experiences and advice.

   Nick Rzeppa,’20, says his favorite speaker was the voice actor who voiced Carl from Jimmy Neutron. 

   “I thought it was funny, but his speech was very interesting and he spoke about what he learned through portraying these characters and how it affected his life, as well as overcoming hardships that come with having stage three throat cancer.” 

   After hearing how great of a time students had at TED x Detroit, it would be an honor to attend the next one for myself. I think it would be very interesting to hear of other people’s crazy journeys that made them the person they are today.